5 Effective Ways to Measure Training Program Outcome

How to Evaluate Training Program Outcomes?

There are a variety of effective ways to measure training program outcomes.

Here are 5 models to choose from:

1. Kirkpatrick’s Model

A comprehensive framework designed by Donald Kirkpatrick consisting of four levels of evaluation:

Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results.

2. Phillip’s ROI Model  

Philip’s ROI model takes into consideration the ROI achieved from the program:

The outcome vs the cost.

2. Phillip’s ROI Model

3. Kaufman’s Model  

It’s an attempt to revamp the methods mentioned by Donald Kirkpatrick, Kaufman's model evaluates the company payoff as well larger societal benefits.

4. Anderson’s Model

A popular training outcome evaluation method, Anderson’s model revolves around business strategies.

5. Two-Pronged Evaluation

This model involves evaluating a training program once before it's developed, to identify the requirements, and again when it has been conducted, to measure success.

For a detailed understanding of how each model works, read our blog post!