5 Coaches Weigh In: The Trends That Ruled the Coaching Industry in 2023

The Top Trends Making Waves in Coaching

To remain relevant in a highly-competitive industry, keeping up with the latest industry trends is a must. Here’re the top 5 picks by our expert coaches.

Catch the Professionals Young

According to executive coach Ram Gopalan, this approach is quite proactive: you coach young professionals to become great leaders rather than coaching leaders to hone skills.

Reverse Mentoring

Executive and leadership coach Venkat Raghavan G believes that senior staff can also benefit from junior employees.

Taking Coaching to the “Mass Market”

As an expert leadership & life coach, Pradeep Sarin strongly believes that coaching is no longer restricted to the c-suite of a company, but open to entry-level employees too.

Increased Dependency on Technology

An official member of “Forbes Coaching Council”, Jaya Bhateja witnesses an increasing trend towards using online coaching management platforms.

Beyond Traditional Coaching Niches

According to Shruti Swaroop, an executive coach & a diversity inclusion consultant, more experiments on new coaching areas are now being done.

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