4 Steps to Help Your Client Prepare for the Unexpected

1. Identify the Triggers

The first step is knowing which scenarios your client is preparing for (keeping in mind the impossibility of knowing everything beforehand) and helping them identify the likely triggers. 

2. Examine the Situation  

The second step is helping them chart out the best course of action. If the plan is significantly different from what they've done before, they may need to involve concerned stakeholders 

3. Determine Who Needs to Know 

Once a viable plan is created, helping your client determine who the stakeholders are and involving them in advance can ensure that everyone is on the same page 

4. Perform a Run-Through 

If it's doable, get your client to do a practice run of the plan. While the specifics can never be fully known, running through the plan can help identify blind spots that they may have missed 

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