4 Phases of Performance Management

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1. Planning

This starts with employees clearly understanding roles, duties and expectations. Ensure you're connecting the dots to larger organisational initiatives. 

As a people manager, include the employees and work together to create a plan.

This phase is integral to ensuring you're setting your employees up for success. Carve some time out in your regular meetings to assess or review deliverables.

2. Assessing  (or Reviewing)

As a manager, stay close to the progress being made and provide support where needed.

3. Coaching

In this phase, work with your employees to understand how they can best allocate their time and resources and improve through mutual feedback. 

As a leader, try to identify any barriers the employees might face in reaching their objectives.

4. Rewarding

The final phase of Performance Management is centred around employee recognition, which helps them stay committed to the organisation. 

With your managerial powers, find creative ways to tell them they've done a good job!

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