12 Effective Business Coaching Tools You May Not Have Heard Of

Good Coach vs Great Coach

A good coach follows a standard coaching process, but a great coach will go beyond! Keep reading for tools that will help you be a great coach

Input Questionnaire

This allows you to gain business and personal insights from each client so you can better understand their current state and challenges

Coaching Goals Form

This tool helps the client to set goals as to what they expect from the coach so there is mutual clarity between the two

Business History Record

This tool gives insight into the history of the client’s business, the successes and failures, upcoming challenges, existing business patterns and business projections

Business Purpose Tool

This helps make it easier to not only break down the goals into short-term and actionable targets but also to keep track of those steps

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis helps the coach to understand the positives and negatives of the client’s business, as well as to identify potential opportunities

To truly become the greatest coach, keep reading to find out the other tools you need to use in your coaching business today!