10 Skills That  Every Career Coach  Must Possess

Career Coaching Services

Career coaches can guide individuals with job searches, career choices, re-joining post-sabbatical, mid-career changes, and so on.

Social Skills

There’s no alternative for effective communication.

The trademarks of effective communication are active listening, empathy, and attention to detail.

Business Skills  

A fair knowledge of administration such as handling multiple schedules, coordinating legalities, sales, and marketing, etc., is a pre-requisite in a career coaching business. 

Hone your networking skills by joining coach communities, attending conferences and seminars, etc. to build professional relationships and stay abreast with the industry.

Networking Skills

As a career coach, you should be clued into what’s going on in the job market across industries.

Knowledge of Various Industries  

Do you have a knack for the English language?

Resume Writing Skills

Resume writing can add further value to your coaching profile.

In a highly competitive market, acquiring certain skillsets helps you stay ahead of the career coaching pack - we get into the details our blog post.