10 Client Management Features to Look for in a Coaching Platform 

Look for features that allow you to create individual client profiles, capturing essential information such as contact details, session history, goals, action items, progress, and more.

A robust client profile 

Communication features facilitate real-time interactions between you and your clients, making it easier to schedule sessions, share resources, and provide timely feedback

Communication tools 

Most end-to-end platforms will offer some form of calendar integration, however, sophisticated coaching software will build features on top of that in order to add more value to coaches.

Session scheduling 

A robust coaching platform should enable you to set goals, create action plans, monitor progress, and track the evolution of your clients' journey.

Progress tracking & goal setting 

A comprehensive coaching platform should provide a secure way to share documents, videos, worksheets, and other relevant content, and have it all stored in one place.

Document sharing & resource management 

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