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Automate processes and run an efficient business so you can focus on growth

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Create transformations at scale with reusable program templates

As a business owner, you know that consistent quality is key to success. The more you can standardise high-quality engagements, the better for your clients and your growth. 

Simply.Coach’s Journey Builder enables you to map any coaching/therapy/training methodology onto a reusable program template. That means you can plan and multiply a framework of your typical program, to be able to provide service at scale. It also means you can ensure consistency, professionalism, and quality for each client. 

Subscriptions & Session Packages
Increase revenue with easy-to-buy online packages

Having difficulty finding long-term prospective clients or retainer projects? Looking for additional revenue streams? With Simply.Coach, you can create ready-to-view session packages and allow users to buy them or subscribe to them – complete with payment gateway integration. 

Showcase Page
An easy way to convert potential clients

Building a website can be hard, and as a business owner working with other service professionals, you need standardization too. Think of the Showcase Page as a branded landing page – a web page to add a profile, showcase credentials and certifications, add testimonials from previous clients and more. 

A Simply.Coach Showcase Page even comes with lead generation touchpoints such as a contact form and appointment scheduling for prospective clients to get in touch. 

Streamline onboarding, automate legalities

Contracts play an important role not only in corporate engagements, but in setting out SLAs for every engagement. With Simply.Coach, you can now organize and manage contracts for every client in one place. 

Invoicing & Payments
A one-stop platform for invoicing and payments

Keeping track of invoices and payments takes up a serious amount of time and energy. When you’re running a business, you need a tool to do it for you. Simply.Coach’s invoicing module is designed to do it all – sending invoices, storing them, accepting & tracking payments – from one single point. 

Have you priced your coaching services accurately?
We’ve got a comprehensive guide to help you understand the various components of pricing a coaching business for success
Email Integration*
Keep in touch with clients and leads at a click

Upload your contacts into Simply.Coach – private and visible only to you – and send out updates, promotional emails, requests for testimonials or referrals and more.  

Simply.Coach offers integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact and more, allowing you to schedule emails and send them in bulk, as well as get a range of insights. 

*Coming soon 

LinkedIn Integration*
Keep networking and brand-building, without the effort

Simply.Coach’s LinkedIn integration allows you to plan and schedule posts, get suggestions of prospective clients and keep track of trending posts in your area to increase your share of voice. 

*Coming soon 

Contact Management
Keep your contacts within easy reach

Simply.Coach allows you to store contact information complete with professional details in a single place, so you can reach out to them – multiple at a time if required – from one easy-to-navigate repository. 

Prospect Management
Turn more client leads into paying customers

Simply.Coach pulls in interested clients from your Showcase Page and logs them as prospective clients, using automation to help track their likelihood of turning into paying customers. 

Embedded video conferencing
Bring every session to one window

Simply.Coach’s Embedded Video Conferencing module integrates the likes of Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to give service professionals a one-platform experience. 

You’ll enjoy a secure and seamless way to hold online sessions while capturing notes and referencing, without having to juggle between multiple windows! 

Continuous Professional Development Log
Make hard work count towards credentialling!

Credentials up for renewal? Service professionals can use Simply.Coach to create a log of training and learning initiatives undertaken for credits. 

In the meanwhile, Simply.Coach’s integrated calendar and embedded video conferencing also helps create a digital ledger of coaching/training/therapy hours that can be used towards certification. In fact, the recordings and automated transcripts can also be used to submit to certification authorities.