Prachi Kansara  

Associate Marketing Manager at Simply.Coach 

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Origin & History

Prachi moved from New Delhi to Pondicherry in 2015 and studied environmental sciences and psychology in college. Immediately post-graduation, she got certified as a neuro life coach, which integrates concepts of neuroscience with traditional coaching. 

Goals & Achievements

Prachi is a big-time mental health advocate (especially for adolescents and young adults) and is passionate about ensuring that they don’t succumb to misinformation on the internet and also know how to cope with stresses of daily life in the healthiest way. She has also spent her entire life rescuing all sorts of animals and is a full-time animal lover, so there are good chances you may find her petting a dog, cat, goat or even a cow!  

Prachi’s been into fitness & sports for a long time and she still plays basketball & hockey and runs occasionally. She also loves to spend the entire weekend cuddled up with her pet cat and binge watch movies & TV shows.

Books recommended by Author

1. Gift of Therapy – Irvin D. Yalom 
2. Love’s Executioner – Irvin D. Yalom 
3. Chatter – Ethan Kross 
4. The Brain That Changes Itself – Norman Doidge 
5. 12 Rules for Life – Jordan B. Peterson 
6. Triggers – Marshall Goldsmith 
7. The Comfort Book – Matt Haig 
8. Life List – Olivia Gentile 
9. Open – Andre Agassi 
10. My Family & Other Animals – Gerald Durrell

Articles Written by Prachi Kansara  

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